Beat the Summer Heat in Style with a Kaftan

A kaftan is a robe-like outfit that conforms to different fashion trends. It doesn't make you conscious of your body, particularly if your style is conservative. Kaftans are extremely comfortable and do not restrict body movement or dictate seating positions in any way. Buy a kaftan on eBay if you'd like to wear a summer outfit that is steeped in history.

What makes a kaftan a unique summer outfit?

A symbol of the bohemian style, the term 'kaftan' is generally used to describe a loose-fitting tunic or robe. To be specific, it is a long robe with a narrow cut and full sleeves. The neck is usually deep or fully open, and at times buttoned. Kaftans are usually made of cotton, silk, or wool, and bound with a sash. Unlike Western summer outfits where the focus is more on wearing fewer articles of clothing, a kaftan differentiates itself by not hugging your frame. In other words, the garment's loose silhouette assists with proper ventilation, which helps lower body temperature.

How can you wear kaftans with panache?

Kaftans come in different colours, designs, lengths, fabrics, etc. They could be worn on both formal and casual occasions, based on the type of materials used. If you'd like to rock your kaftan look, you need to know how to wear a kaftan and when.

  • Beach: Go with cotton kaftans on hot days, especially when you're heading to the beach. The organic fabric will absorb sweat and ensure your body stays cool throughout your day. Also, you can wear a kaftan over your swimming outfit as a cover-up.
  • Weddings: Kaftans for weddings and parties should have a bit more length, preferably floor-length, and sheen. Kaftans made from satin, rayon, Georgette, silk, or something similar would offer you that radiance.
  • Office: Printed, medium-length kaftans are ideal for the office. Complete the look with a pair of leggings.
  • Casual outings: If you're heading out to catch up with friends, a short-length kaftan would be apt. Throw in shorts, slim-fit jeans, or light linen pants for good measure.
What bags and shoes go well with kaftans?

Since kaftans are free-flowing, loose, and oversized, small bags or clutches suit the outfit well. Choose a clutch or bag that matches or at least complements your kaftan's colours. If it has a printed design, nude heels, and wedges would blend in well. If you're wearing a blingy kaftan to a party, go with high heels in gold or silver, based on your kaftan's colour. Trainers would be fine too if you're going all-out-casual.