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You Can Find Replacement Kärcher Spares on eBay

A pressure washer is used to clean surfaces around your home. If your machine needs replacement Kärcher spares, you can find a wide selection of parts on eBay. Here are a few things you need to know before you make your next purchase.

What can you clean with a pressure washer?

These compact devices are designed to clean many different surfaces. The washer is more powerful than an outdoor hose. You can use the spray to remove dirt and tough stains around your home. Many people use a pressure washer to clean decks, vehicles, and pathways.

Can you replace the water pump?

If you are experiencing low pressure from your washer, you may need to replace the pump. Your pressure washer will either need a triplex or axial pump. The axial pump produces less PSI than a triplex water pump. These pumps are found on pressure washers designed for household use. You will find a triplex pump on a professional pressure washer. They are made with higher-grade components than an axial pump. You must make sure to find the right pump for your machine. These pumps all have various PSI levels that must match your particular model. A pump with too much PSI can damage the water shaft. When you have found the right part, you can install it in the pressure washer.

How do you choose a replacement hose?

There are many factors you should consider before buying a replacement hose. These factors include the following:

  • Diameter - Hoses come in a variety of sizes. You will find hoses in different diameters as well. The smallest hose is rated for 2700 PSI and is 6.3 millimetres in diameter. Medium hoses can be used for 2700 to 3400 PSI. These lines are 7.9 millimetres in diameter. The largest hose is rated for 5000 PSI and 9.5 millimetres in diameter.
  • Length - Hoses are available in many lengths. You want to select a hose that is long enough to reach all your jobs.
  • Material - PVC, rubber, and polyurethane are common materials for a hose. Most hoses are made of PVC. A rubber hose will give you more flexibility to reach tight spaces. Polyurethane hoses are more durable since they are steel braided.
  • Connection - Your hose will either use a snap or screw to connect to the washer. You want to make sure that the hose securely connects to the wand and the washer.
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