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Kensington Mice Trackballs and Touchpads

Kensington produce a range of computer accessories including mice. Kensington mice trackballs and touchpads are ideal for those computer users who find it hard to use a conventional computer mouse. With several designs and sizes of mice available, you'll be sure to find a mouse that suits your needs.

Trackballs and touchpads are two different alternatives to a standard computer mouse. If using a standard mouse causes you discomfort or you want more accuracy from it, then these mice may be what you are looking for. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed there are trackball and touchpads on the market that you can use.

Trackball mouse

A trackball mouse is ergonomically designed to minimise unnecessary wrist movement and is especially useful for those people who find using a regular mouse causes pain and discomfort. Fitting the hand's natural shape and enabling cursor movement through the touch of your fingertip, the mouse allows you to use it for long periods without difficulty.

As the fingers move the ball mounted on the mouse to move the on screen cursor, a trackball mouse requires minimum desk space. Some models have programmable buttons allowing you to customise the mouse even further to your requirements. Trackball mice are available in left-handed, right-handed and ambidextrous models. You can connect your mouse to your PC or laptop by either USB or Bluetooth.


Operating in the same way that a laptop or netbook touchpad would, the touchpad allows you to work with precise movements from your fingertips. Like a trackball mouse, the touchpad uses the minimum amount of desk space due to the user not having to physically move the mouse. A series of fingertip 'gestures' makes the cursor move and select items on screen. Buttons allow you to right and left click as you would with a conventional mouse.

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