Teach Your Child the Importance of Time With a Kids Watch

As your young child grows, his or her need to be aware of time becomes increasingly more important. The obvious way to fulfil that need is to buy a watch for your kid. They’re available in a vast range of designs, and one place where you’ll be spoilt for choice is eBay.

Types of watches for kids

There are three main types of watch, and each type has its particular advantages. The types are:

  • Analogue watch: The traditional style of watch tells the time of day and date on a 12-hour dial. It’s the simplest style of watch and it familiarises your kid with the 12-hour AM/PM time of day. That’s important as your kid will understand how to read the time on clocks, too, and understand phrases such as “quarter to” and “half past”.
  • Digital watch: Digital watches present the time of day in a 12-hour digital format such as 6:37 PM, or 18:37 in the 24-hour format. Many can also show the time as a digital representation of an analogue clock face. In addition to their time and date display, they offer useful features, such as alarms, stopwatch functionality, world time zones, and games.
  • Smart watch: Smartwatches are digital watches with Internet connectivity, which provides many more functions. Two of the features that can be found on smartwatches are extremely useful for both you and your child. The first is the ability to keep in contact. The second is GPS tracking, which enables you to see where your kid is at all times.
Are kids watches durable?

Yes, their casings are usually made of rubber and plastic, which can survive knocks and bumps. Watches that are water-resistant are also useful, especially around puddles, which most kids find irresistible.

Are there different watch styles for boys and girls?

Most kids watches are unisex in design as far as build and colour are concerned. The main difference is in the printed designs that adorn the watch. Those aimed at boys will feature images such as dinosaurs and football themes, while those aimed at girls will feature designs such as butterflies, bunnies and ballerinas.

Assessing watch quality

As with adult watches, there is a range of quality. The best indication of good quality in a kid's watch lies in the price of the watch and the reputation of the manufacturer. You can find many kids watches made by famous brands such as Sekonda, Casio, Lorus, and Timex.