Keep Yourself Entertained with a Kitchen Radio

There is so much choice on the radio these days, and with many devices offering options to connect your own devices and play your own audio, a kitchen radio makes the experience of cooking and cleaning more pleasurable. The family will love listening to their favourite tunes over breakfast or joining in a meaningful debate whilst they help prepare dinner. Whatever your needs or budget, there will be a kitchen radio for you on eBay.

Do you need a DAB radio?

DAB is an acronym that stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting. It allows you to listen to the radio from around the UK in digital quality, making it crisp and clear. Another benefit of DAB radio is that many more broadcasters are able to transmit using the technology than were able to do so on the old analogue transmissions, so the listener has a lot more choice when it comes to what they can listen to. You can still find kitchen radios out there which can pick up FM and AM transmissions if you prefer an authentic experience and many DAB devices can even tune into analogue transmissions too.

Are there any features that you should look out for when choosing a kitchen radio?

Kitchen radios can be feature-packed. Here are some that you might wish to look out for when choosing your new one:

  • Bluetooth connectivity: Connect devices wirelessly to play audio from your device through your radio.
  • LED display: DAB allows stations to transmit visual information about what they are playing. Choose a device with an LED display to make use of this.
  • Internet radio: Many devices can pick up internet radio, which allows you to enjoy over 25,000 stations from around the world.
  • DAB +: This is the newest DAB technology and some stations are already transmitting in this quality. Some radios can support DAB + alongside DAB and analogue.
  • Kitchen timers: Set yourself a reminder with a kitchen timer feature on your radio.
How much space does a kitchen radio take up?

Many kitchen radios are designed to hang underneath a wall cabinet so that they do not take up any precious counter space in your kitchen. You will need a mounting kit to be able to install the radio, so check this is included before you purchase. Other kitchen radios are designed to sit on the counter-top, but they are often compact in design as well as aesthetically pleasing and can really add to the decor.