Kitchen Timers

Quirky kitchen timers for cooking precision

Never burn your dinner again with a nifty new kitchen timer chosen from the amazing range available on eBay. Thanks to the huge range of sizes and styles, you can even choose one to match your existing colour scheme. Many of the digital kitchen timers are even magnetic too, so are great for popping on the fridge. From novelty penguin timers to ones which are cool and professional, theres a timer to suit any kitchen. 

Digital kitchen timers

Contemporary looking and accurate too, digital timers are perfect for any modern domestic or commercial kitchen. A Hygiplas kitchen timer, for example, comes complete with a magnetic back for easy storage and one AA battery which can last several months. With an easy to use three button interface and suitably loud 80dB alarm, these attractive kitchen timers come in a variety of colours including black, red, green, pink and blue. 

For something with added functionality, go for a dual kitchen timer. Letting you time two things at once, these modern accessories are a must-have for any cooking enthusiast. 

Mechanical kitchen timers

Add a subtle retro twist to your kitchen with a mechanical kitchen timer. Thanks to their wind up mechanisms theres no need to worry about batteries and the shrill bell alarm is unlikely to go unheard. Available in loads of different colours and many with a magnetic strip for fastening to fridges or even radiators, you can cook or bake to your hearts content. 

Hourglass/stand kitchen timers

Wonderfully vintage in style, these timeless hourglass kitchen timers on eBay are not only reliable but theres no fiddly battery to change either. Perfect for keeping an eye on the time once youve popped your latest creation in the oven, theres a wide variety of funky colours and styles available to suit any busy kitchen space. They also measure a range of time spans, from one minute right up to 60.