Lets go fly a kite! A hit with kids and adults alike, theres nothing more fun than flying a kite. Whether you fancy trying your hand at some serious kite tricks with a professional-standard stunt kite or youre looking for the ideal first kite for your little ones, get ready for a huge choice of colours, shapes and sizes.

Fly High with Fun Features

The best kites are easy to handle and fly like a dream. Look for models constructed with durable, non-toxic fabric that is light enough to let them soar. Kites with a single line are the simplest option for complete beginners and young children, while kites with dual or even quad lines have more potential when it comes to tricks and handling. You also want to look out for kites that are easy to assemble – nothing puts a dampener on things like wrestling with a complex design while impatient children watch on.

A long and attractive tail can add some extra visual interest to your kite, while wrist straps are a useful feature that will stop you losing your kite if little hands let go of the ropes. If you plan on flying powerful traction kits, perhaps for stunt flying or kite-surfing, look out for strong, comfortable wrist straps with cushioning to protect your hands.

Kites for All Ages

Kiting really is an activity that appeals to everyone. Young children will love the thrill of flying colourful kites shaped like their favourite things. Youll find plenty to choose from including dragons, birds, pirate ships and superheroes. Older children will enjoy the challenge of getting to grips with a more advanced model, such as a streamlined delta-shaped kite or a soft parafoil kite. And big kids can take things to the next level with power kites to get the adrenaline pumping.