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Everything You Need to Know About Selecting Knee-High Boots for Women

Whether you plan on surprising your significant other with a gift or are purchasing clothing items for the fall, boots are excellent to both give and receive since they are such versatile items. On eBay, there are many different knee-high boots for sale, and knowing the difference between different types and styles can help you better select the one that suits your needs.

What heel heights are available for knee-high boots?

Knee-high boots come in multiple heel heights, including:

  • Flat: Ladies' flat knee-high boots are less than 1 centimetre. This height is ideal for those who walk a lot during the day and prefer little to no heel.
  • Low heel: Low heels are between 1 centimetre and 4 centimetres. This type of heel is often seen on military-style boots.
  • Mid-heel: A mid-heel is ideal for individuals who are new to wearing heeled shoes. These heels range between 4.5 centimetres and 7 centimetres.
  • High heel: A high heel is between 8 centimetres and 11.5 centimetres.
  • Very high heel: Any heel over 11.5 centimetres is considered a very high heel.
Knee-high boot styles

The four main categories of knee-high boots are winter, disco and retro, riding, and combat. Winter boots can be worn over leggings and jeans as well as with skirts and dresses. This style of boot is considered classy and elegant. Disco and retro knee-high boots are often dramatic and vibrant. Individuals typically wear riding boots when going motorcycling or horseback riding. Combat knee-high boots are trendy and can make outfits look a bit grungier.

What are some things to look for in a pair of knee-high boots?

When selecting a pair of knee-high boots for women, it is essential to look for:

  • Colour: Knee-high boots come in a variety of colours, such as grey, blue, red, white, and brown. For someone who prefers a more simplistic look, you might want to look for shoes in grey or black as it will match with many outfit combinations.
  • Heel type: Heel type is often overlooked as many people are unaware of the different styles. Pre-owned knee-high boots come in block, Cuban, kitten, platform, slim, stiletto, and wedge heels. Select a heel that you are comfortable and confident wearing to your event.
  • Upper material: Knee-high boots are available in leather, faux leather, rubber, suede, and synthetic material.
  • Shoe size: When selecting new knee-high boots on eBay, it is important that you find a pair in your size. UK women's shoe sizes range from 3 to 9.
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