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Slay Dragons and Protect the Kingdom in a Girl's or Boy's Knight Costume

If you're trying to come up with fancy dress costumes for kids, you can't go wrong with a girl's or boy's knight costume. While modern heroes can inspire your children to perform unwanted violent behaviours, a medieval knight costume encourages safe, moral imaginative play. Whether you're hoping to make a costume from basic materials or need a deluxe outfit ready-to-wear soon, eBay has the materials, props and costumes you need to get your child ready, at prices you can afford.

Where can you get used fancy dress costumes for kids?

eBay carries an ever-changing selection of used and new costumes for kids and adults. Since children are always growing, buying new costumes to fit their interests can get expensive. However, this also means that children's costumes are only gently used by the time they've grown out of them, so used costumes are often still in great shape. On eBay, you can buy and sell gently used costumes to keep up with your kids, whether it's a girl's or boy's knight costume, a courtier costume, or the latest trend.

What are the essential elements to a medieval knight costume?

Whether you're hoping to figure out how to make a knight costume for your child, or just want to be sure your packaged costume has all the elements you'll need, here is a list of features that will turn your child into a knight:

  • Sword: This can be made of foam or cardboard, to make sure no one gets hurt.
  • Helmet or hood: A silver metal helmet is authentic battle wear, but a hood that looks like chainmail or canvas will be less cumbersome for your child to wear.
  • Long tunic with crest: The tunic should fall past the waist, and be cinched with a belt. The crest can be the simple red cross of the crusaders, a regal gold lion, or another medieval emblem of your choosing.
  • Shield: While not essential, a shield with the same emblem helps complete the look.
How is a courtier costume different from that of a knight?

The courtier's costume is a more detailed indoor outfit, while a knight's costume prepares the wearer for outdoor battle. Like knights, courtiers often carry a sword, but their jacket or tunic should be puffier and look like velvet or gold embroidery. A courtier can wear a floppy hat with a big feather, but the signature piece is baggy pants that stop at the knee, and tight stockings from the knee to the foot.

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