Knights and Medieval Action Figures

Knights and Medieval Action Figures

Making exciting toys and great collectables for fans of history too, Knights and medieval action figures bring important eras full of battles,Kings, Queens and castles, back to life in miniature form. They are great toys for children who love recreating historical battles and will look great in any collectors display.

Knights on horseback

There are various Knight action figures that come on horseback. Many of the horses are clad in materials bearing coats of arms and other symbols of battle. These horse riding Knights are particularly good for war gamers who are looking to build or re-enact battles on a larger scale.

Knights armed with various weapons

Many Knights come with weapons attached or included, both for those on a horse and those on foot. There are all kinds of gruesome medieval weapons to choose from, so whether its a sword, club, mace, battle axe or any number of other items, every Knight will be armed and ready for battle. Some Knights also come armed with shields ready to defend themselves as well as fight.

Vintage medieval action figures

In addition to the range of newer items that are available, there are also vintage Knights and other medieval action figures to look out for. Collectors of vintage toys will be particularly interested in these items, especially when the figures have been kept in good condition and their original packaging is included.

Individual action figures and sets of all sizes

Individual medieval action figures can be chosen for those who are looking for a specific combination of figures or collectors who are looking for individual rare items. There are, however, also a lot of action figure sets to be found containing any number of figures. These sets, especially the larger ones, are a great way to get started with a collection or to pick up a group of characters big enough to form armies and ensure that play can begin straight away.