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Koenigsegg Diecast Car

A diecast vehicle is a scale model of one of the many popular vehicles that has been released over time. There are plenty of Koenigsegg diecast cars available, each featuring the standout form and design of the specific Koenigsegg vehicle that they have been modelled on.

Koenigsegg history and car models

Koenigsegg dates back to 1994 and was founded by one Christian von Koenigsegg. After showing the first prototype of the Koenigsegg CC, followed by a production prototype called the CC8S, the CC8S saw a commercial release in 2003 at the Geneva Motor Show.

The CCR was to follow in 2004 with the CCX in 2006, the CCXR, plus a race car called the CCGT, both in 2007, the CCX Edition and CCXR Edition models in 2008, the CCXR Trevita and the CCXR Special Edition in 2009, the Agera in 2010, the Agera R in 2011, the Agera S in 2012, the One:1 in 2014, the Regera Debut and the Agera RS in 2015, and the Agera Final in 2016.

All of Koenigsegg cars have incredibly powerful engines and are phenomenally fast, breaking several Guinness World Records during their history in engine power, speed, and acceleration categories. Their vehicles are highly sought after in the luxury market, as only a few models are available to buy of some cars.

Koenigsegg diecast model makers

Several different diecast model manufacturers have made models based on various Koenigsegg cars. These manufacturers include names that are very well respected amongst model vehicle collectors such as Altaya, AUTOart , IXO, and FrontiArt. Models by makers such as these look stunning, having been designed and produced using precision diecast techniques to capture all of the striking details of the Koenigsegg vehicles on which they have been based.

Many models even feature opening hinged doors so that the intricate artistry of the interior of the vehicle can be viewed more easily. These diecast cars come finished in a variety of colours, which range from those that are classic and refined, to those that are bold and impactful.

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