Komatsu construction equipment for every worksite

Komatsu produces high-quality machinery and equipment for any worksite, from small private sites to large commercial ones. From bulldozers to mini excavators, you'll find machines suited to work in dumps, worksites and even farms so there are bound to be Komatsu construction tools to suit your needs here on eBay. 

Komatsu mini excavators

Mini excavators are perfect for smaller sites that need a small amount of digging. A Komatsu PS14R-3 mini excavator can be applied to any situation with ease. The 15.6hp engine offers more than enough power to get around the site with a bucket full of debris, whilst the amazing digging speed makes quick work of excavation. 

The easy to use controls are highly precise, whilst the spacious seat ensures that the operator of this Komatsu excavator is comfy at all times. 

Komatsu bulldozers

Combining serious amounts of power with a compact design, the Komatsu D37EX/PX-24 bulldozer can handle any job. A Komatsu EU stage VI engine outputs an impressive amount of power and offers great fuel efficiency. 

The slanted nose maximises blade visibility whilst a fully adjustable seat keeps the operator comfortable. Variable speed selection can be used to get just the right amount of power whilst the Palm Command Control System gives you everything you need to operate this machine in the palm of your hands. 

Komatsu skid-steer loaders

Using experience and knowledge gained over 80 years of experience designing machines, a Komatsu skid-steer loader is a must-have piece of equipment. A 32hp engine gives you more than enough power to get around the site with a full bucket whilst the precise control of the arm lets you dig and carry with accuracy. 

The spacious interior is fitted with an LCD panel that shows important information whilst the cab tilts, so you can carry out routine maintenance.