Buyer's Guide to Selecting a Kylie Minogue Bedding Set

Whether you just moved into a new flat or are updating your room, a bedding set makes a huge difference in the appearance and aesthetic you are trying to convey. Kylie Minogue features a plethora of duvet covers, cushions, and throws to choose from. It is easy to find Kylie bedding on eBay which is why it is essential that you select a set that suits your personality and style.

What types of styles are available in Kylie Minogue bedding?

There are many styles of Kylie bedding available on eBay that vary in features. There are five main contemporary styles of reasonably priced Kylie Minogue, including the following:

  • Glitter fade - Glitter fade features a duvet cover, cushions, and a throw blanket in shades of silver and grey, and it is made from 100% cotton.
  • Atmosphere - Atmosphere features a quilt cover, throw, and cushions in ivory and oyster for a classic look, and it is made from polyester. There are stripes of sparkles for your inner princess.
  • Darcey - Darcey showcases a throw, cushions, and a quilt cover in a light shade of oyster and ivory. The simple design is made from 100% cotton and features sparkles on the cushion covers and across the bedding.
  • Marnie - Marnie is a gold and ivory bed set with cushions, a throw, and a duvet cover for a unique aesthetic. There is gold on each item as it is in a floral-like design.
  • Valza - Valza is an ultra-luxurious Kylie bedding set as it is in satin that is breathable, lightweight, and silky to the touch. This set features shades of black throughout the throw, cushions, and duvet cover for a sleek appearance. The duvet cover has a jet black runner down the middle with a floral design in sparkles.
Does all Kylie bedding come with sparkles in the design?

Most of the Kylie Minogue bedding line comes with sparkles; however, you can easily decide how much sparkle you would like in your set. For example, the Adele set features sparkles sparsely throughout the cushions and duvet cover as you can only see it on the stems of the leaves. The Sika set also limits the uses of sparkles to the cushion covers. If you want to opt for more sparkles, you can select the Omara, which is an ivory set that features sparkles throughout all pieces in an elegant way.

What are Kylie bedding sets made of?

Kylie Minogue bedding utilizes three materials in their bedding. If you are looking for a soft and adorable option, you can find their duvets made from polyester. Cotton is another option as it is also affordable, comfortable, and maintains well over time. Kylie bedding also features satin covers that provide you with ultimate comfort and smoothness as satin is quite silky and luxurious.

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