Make Over Your Bathroom With an L-Shaped Shower Bath

If your bathroom needs to be spruced up, then replacing your tub is one of the quickest and easiest ways to do it. An L-shaped shower bath offers a more exciting, contemporary version of a classic straight bathtub. Check out the eBay listings and find an L-Shaped shower bath for sale to transform your bathroom with a sleek, elegant new look.

Setting up your L-shaped shower bath

If you've never organised a bathroom makeover before, you might well be a little confused about the terminology involved. Put simply, an L-shaped tub gives you more space at the shower end. That makes it a more practical choice than either a standard shower or a bath, as you'll have more room to enjoy both options.

  • You'll need a showerhead. Either a flexible shower head or an overhead setting can be used, although as an L-shaped tub only has a half screen, a flexible head can lead to water spraying onto the floor.
  • To complete the setup, look for an L-shaped shower bath and screen. The screen will only be as long as the L-shaped portion, and can be hinged or not, as you prefer.
  • Many of these tubs can be found with a non-slip grip covering part of the bottom, in the shower section. This saves you from having to buy a separate bath mat.
  • Check for the tap holes that are being offered. Most contemporary models have a 3-hole setup, offering space for two handles and a central tap.
Choosing L-shaped tub screens

An L-shaped shower bath with a hinged screen makes it easy to get in and out of the shower, but it's not always necessary. A fixed screen will stay in place, so just choose whichever you prefer. Either way, half the tub will be left open.

What's the difference between L-shaped and P-shaped tubs?

There's not a lot of difference between the two, as they both have the same basic idea: a wider shower area that leads to a standard width bathtub. In fact, the differences are purely aesthetic. An L-shaped tub has straight lines and angles, while a P-shaped tub features a gently curved shower area. This can make it slightly more difficult to find a screen to fit if you need to replace it.

How should you install your L-shaped shower bath?

Each L-shaped shower bath may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions before fitting. If you're not particularly handy, consider getting a professional plumber in to do the job for you. Although you may save money when you find a cheap L-shaped shower bath, if you botch the installation, you'll end up paying more in the long run. When it comes to plumbing, it's better to be safe than sorry.