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LCD Screens for the iPhone 6

Ideal for mobile phone repair shops and tech minded individuals with professional knowledge, LCD screens for the iPhone 6 are an essential buy in for spares and replacement purposes. High quality LCD screens can be found in black or white and at highly competitive prices, considering the how crucial this component is to functionality.

Types of LCD screens for the iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is one of the most popular smartphones on the market and, with a screen fragile enough to smash during a heavy fall on a hard surface, part replacement may be necessary down the line.

Generic and compatible iPhone 6 4.7" LCD touch screen replacements come with all components required for complete replacement, including precision tools. The entire replacement set includes LCD display, glass digitizer, and mid-frame replacement including home button, camera lens, and mesh ear speaker cover.

These top quality replacement iPhone 6 parts offer high contrast colour ratio (1024x768 resolution), ensuring that your iPhone 6 still retains its sharp colours and enjoyable viewing experience. They are also fully touch sensitive, allowing for 100% performance from your newly refurbished handset.

Kept as spares for a mobile phone repair shop or individual technician, these LCD phone displays come in black and white and are suitable replacements for an iPhone 6 with a smashed or heavily scratched screen, dead pixels or faulty touch screen sensitivity. However, these replacements screens are not Apple branded and therefore do not offer fingerprint sensor on the home button.

These high quality replacement screens are designed for installation by a trained technician and do not come with an instruction manual. Technical minded individuals may find an online tutorial of use if personal replacement of the screen is to be attempted.

To assist with installation, LCD replacement screens for iPhone 6 come with a set of 8 in 1 tools for precision work, including a suction cup, pry tools, opening slices, a pentalobe screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, and a Phillips head screwdriver.

These items are highly technical and have been fully tested before shipment, but it is recommended that testing the screen display is carried out before fitting it to your phone. Installation should preferably be carried out by a professional to ensure the phone and fragile flex ribbon connection don't suffer damage. Opening your iPhone 6 will void warranty of the device.

Always ensure compatibility with iPhone 6 before purchase, as differences between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s mean the LCD screen will be of no use for installation.

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