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LCD Screens for iPhone 6s

As a society, were glued to our mobile phones. Theyre one of our most prized possessions, but theyre also one of the most delicate and can be easily broken. If you drop your phone and crack or shatter your screen, youll need to have a new piece of glass installed to avoid any further damage. Discover the perfect LCD screens for the iPhone 6s on eBay to get your phone back in working order. 

Knowing when to replace your LCD screen

LCD stands for liquid crystal display and its used in mobile phones to show images. If the touchscreen functionality stops working or the screen appears black, its likely youll need to replace your LCD screen. A good way to test the damage to your phone is to try and sign in using the keypad and swipe back and forth on your apps. If your phone is unresponsive to your touch or you cant see anything, the LCD screen is broken. 

Replacing these iPhone 6s parts is relatively straightforward and you might want to do it yourself at home or take your new replacement screen to a repair shop. This can be a fast alternative to waiting for an insurance claim to process and it avoids being left without your phone for any length of time during the repair process. 

Choosing an LCD screen for iPhone 6s

If youre looking for a replacement LCD screen for an iPhone 6s, youll find hundreds of options available. Depending on what colour iPhone 6s you have, you can choose a phone part to match, with options including black, white, silver and gold. 

Most screen sizes are unique to the make and model of the phone so youll need to make sure you select the right one, also ensuring its an LCD with a touchscreen. Youll have the option of choosing a replacement LCD screen for an iPhone 6s on its own or as part of an assembly kit with the tools youll need to install it. 

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