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The Advantages of USB LED Light

Consisting of a string of coloured or multi-coloured, small, LED lights, USB LED light strings are a very popular choice of decoration. Many styles are available, and eBay is a great source of USB LEDs. There are different, sizes, lengths, colours, and some have added functions such as dimming or flashing. Browse the eBay listings at your leisure and you'll see some great offers.

Where can USB LED lights be used?

There are countless places that USB LED lights can be used in order to enhance a variety of objects or places, such as when draped around Xmas trees or some garden ornaments at night. They look great around doorways, too, when you're having a party, or at any festive occasion even if they're just hung on a wall to provide a pleasing visual spectacle in their own right. They're very popular due to the pleasing quality of light they emit without being distracting.

How are USB LED lights powered?

The string of lights terminates in a standard USB plug, which you can plug into a USB power bank, a laptop or any other USB-enabled power source.

What are the advantages of USB LED lights?

USB LED lights have many advantages over other decorative light sources such as incandescent or halogen types. These include:

  • Low power: Thanks to the efficiency of LED lights, the 5 volts provided by the USB power source is enough to run them. They draw very little current, too, so the overall power consumption is also very low. Depending on the number of lights, a fully-charged power bank can keep them illuminated for a very long time.
  • Cool light: LED lights are cool in more ways than looks. They produce very little heat due to their high light-producing efficiency. That means they're safer because very little heat is lost that could endanger nearby objects or fabrics.
  • Compact: LED lights can be made very small, enabling very intricate, multi-coloured designs to be formed.
  • Robust: As LEDs are solid-state devices, they are far more robust than most other light sources. They're much more lightweight, too, and far less likely to be damaged if dropped.
  • Long life: USB-powered LEDs have a lifetime that is significantly longer than that of incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.
  • Superior cycling: Unlike incandescent and other bulbs, USB LED lights can be switched on and off many times without harming the longevity of the LED.
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