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LG TV Main Boards

Choosing the Right LG Main Board for Your LG TV

The main board is the most important piece of hardware found inside every LG TV. The main board is what brings together all the other components of your TV and allows them to interface with one another. Heres what you need to know if you need to purchase a new LG TV main board from eBay.

What is the significance of the main board?

A smart TV is much like a computer and has similar functionality and inner workings to one. In every computer, the motherboard is the most important part of its hardware because it is what allows a computer to carry on its operations and allows the other computer parts to interact. The LG main board is the equivalent of a computer motherboard for an LG TV.

Where can one find the main board on LG TVs?

On most LG TVs, once you remove the back cover, you should be able to see the main board located somewhere near the bottom right corner of the back of the TV (or the bottom left corner if the TV screen happens to be facing you). To make it easier to find, remember that the main board is always located in very close proximity to all the input jacks of the TV, including the HDMI jacks and the video input jacks.

Which TVs are compatible with this main board?

An LG main board is listed with a name such as LG 42LE5500 or LG 55LE5400. The first two numbers refer to the screen size, in inches, of the TV with which the particular main board is compatible. The LG 55 LE5400 main board would be compatible with a 55-inch LG TV.

The rest of the name helps you to pinpoint the exact model of LG TV for which some particular main board is meant. The LG 42LE5500 main board is meant for the 42-inch LG 42LE5500 TV.

Why would you need a main board?

If you find that your TV isnt working, there may be an issue with its main board, and you may need to buy a new one. If the power light on your TV starts shining when you turn it on, but nothing appears on the screen, this may be because of a problem with the main board. Since it costs much more to buy a whole new TV than to replace a main board, replacing the main board is a cost-effective solution.

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