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Finding an LG Power Supply Board for Your TV

The TV power supply board distributes power to the components connected to it. A faulty power supply board can cause issues, such as the intermittent switching on and off of a TV. Fortunately, this part is replaceable and eBay has products for different makes and models. Get a new LG power supply board to restore your device to working order.

How does the TV power supply board work?

Understanding how the power supply in your LG TV functions helps when searching for a replacement. The power board converts the AC line voltages to a lower voltage for the television to use. It stores 5 volts on standby so the microprocessor can stay awake to respond to commands. When you turn on the TV, the microprocessor receives this command and triggers the power supply, which delivers the secondary voltage that the TV requires. The voltage varies with the TV model. An LG Plasma, for example, will need more voltage for the audio circuit than a standard HD TV.

What must you focus on when buying a power supply board?

When replacing an LG TV power supply, ensure that it suits the corresponding appliance. An incorrect component may fail to work or damage other components in the TV. When getting a PSB, consider:

  • Device compatibility: LG TV spare parts are designed to fit specific models. The TV size, type, and technologies will determine the right power supply board. If you are repairing a 50-inch plasma, you need the power supply that works with that size and type of TV.
  • Power density: Power supply boards are designed to deliver different levels of energy. TVs have varying power demands, which dictate the power density of the supply board.
  • Condition: Buyers can purchase power supply boards that have been removed from old TVs or new OEM products. Homemade boards are the other alternatives, so know beforehand what to get.
Can you use an LG power supply board from a smaller TV?

It depends on how much smaller the TV is. If it is only a few inches, then the PSB may be compatible. For instance, you can get a power supply from a 30-inch to use in a 32 or 34-inch. However, verify the model compatibility of the LG power supply board first.

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