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LPL Camera Easels and Negative Carriers

LPL is a Japanese manufacturer of photographic and darkroom equipment. They are famous for their enlargers .

LPL camera easels and negative carriers are essential pieces of equipment if you use a darkroom to develop and print photos taken with an analogue camera.

Analogue photos or digital?

Analogue cameras and manual photography are making a comeback even though it's easier and cheaper than ever to take great photos using digital equipment.

However, for some people, snapping something quickly on your camera phone, loading it onto a website and using an electronic filter or editing feature to get it 'just right' isn't for them. Just as people are rediscovering a taste for artisan coffee and filling their homes with handmade furniture, so to the craft of 'real' photography is more popular now than it's been for years.

Analogue photography is all about controlling the whole photographic process. From focusing the shot and selecting the right manual filter to setting up a home darkroom and developing and printing your own pictures from film, there's no better way to completely immerse yourself in the picture taking process.

Essential darkroom equipment

Camera easels and negative carriers are just two essential pieces of darkroom equipment . An easel sits on the baseboard of an enlarger. Negative carriers are also components of an enlarger.

An enlarger is similar to a slide projector. It projects the image onto light sensitive paper and controls the focus and duration of the light.

A camera easel holds the paper flat while it is exposed. You can also use it to adjust the size of your print. It's also often used to provide non-printing margins around your photo as it blocks the light. Many easels have adjustable arms.

Negative carriers are removable holders that grip the negative at the edges and hold it flat. They prevent the negative from getting scratched. A negative carrier fits between the lens board and the lamp house of an enlarger.

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