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A Buying Guide to Home Network Antennas, Boosters, and Extenders

While a quality home wireless network can help you and your family with work, school, and provide hours of entertainment, with the right adapters or antennas, you can enhance your network to make it even better. eBay is an excellent place to find antennas, extenders, and other components for your home network like those from LTE. When shopping at eBay for any electronic device, you'll have a variety to choose from and find affordable prices as well.

What do network antennas do?

One way to extend the range of your home wireless network is through the installation of an external antenna like the LTE antenna, with solid gain and top directional or omnidirectional aspects. Wi-Fi is like a radio for your computer with the antenna functioning as the speakers of your Wi-Fi card. A bigger antenna gives you better range. There are a few types of antennas available at eBay, including the LTE antenna, to suit your needs, such as:

  • Directional antennas: These antennas are excellent for going from one location (like the router) in the direction of another. These are often for point-to-point or multipoint setups.
  • Omnidirectional: These are often "base" antennas that serve to distribute the signal to other computers and wireless devices in your network. These antennas are for point-to-multipoint setups.
What are wireless network boosters?

Wi-Fi signal boosters extend the coverage space of a Wi-Fi network by amplifying existing signals. All the wireless devices in that extended coverage are then enabled to connect to the internet. It pulls in a weak Wi-Fi signal from the transmitter and boosts it to extend your network to include all corners, rooms, and floors of your home or building. If there are areas that inexplicably don't seem to get a decent signal from your existing network, LTE boosters can remedy those situations so that you can connect your devices.

What is a wireless network extender?

These are also called range extenders or expanders. They are wireless repeaters used to extend the range of a wireless network. Situated between the route and an access point, the devices allow a device not close enough to the network to receive a viable signal to connect wirelessly and receive a strong signal. The extender connects wirelessly to both the access point and router, picking up the signal and retransmitting it. While the speed and signal strength from an extender isn't the equivalent of the original within network signal, it's still an effective way of gaining access in areas where the network signal is weak. They are quite effective in extending networks.

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