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Enhance Comfort in Your Land Rover With Replacement Defender Seats

The Land Rover Defender comes in a 90 model that has six seats and the 110, which has two extra with the choice of a third row. You can get Defender seats to replace worn out or damaged ones. Find a broad selection of Land Rover Defender seats for sale on eBay.

Is it possible to get a seat base for LR Defender?

The original Land Rover Defender seats can be too short for some users so it is possible to replace the standard seat base. An extended base increases the measurements of the seat; the length of the seat after modification will depend on the extended base. Note that a seat base has to be standard size to avoid lengthening the seating area too much that it eats up all the legroom. The extended support can work for any seat in the Defender, but check the specifications of a seat base to ensure that it is compatible with your Defender model.

Features of aftermarket Land Rover Defender seats

The aftermarket seating options for Land Rover Defender offer an array of features that are not necessarily available in original installations. Here are some common ones:

  • Recliner: Allows the seat to lean back up to a certain degree for better comfort.
  • Extra padding: Additional padding on defender seats increases comfort due to improved cushioning.
  • Lumbar support: Provides support for the back and lateral positioning.
Can you get a universal Defender centre seat?

Yes, you can buy a Land Rover Defender middle seat that can fit into any model. The specific features of the middle seat would vary with the manufacturer. Depending on the colour of your vehicle’s interior, it might be necessary to retrim a universal Defender middle seat. Check the compatible defender seats with the runners and harnesses in the vehicle. Some universal Defender seats come with mounting kits.

Land Rover Defender seat heating kits

Heater kits are another accessory you can get for Land Rover Defender front seats. A standard kit has two pads - for the bottom and top. It also consists of a wiring loom and switches. The pads are self-adhesive, allowing them to stick to the surface of the seat, whatever the fabric. They are made with thin and durable material that can withstand the all-weather use of the Defender. The switch typically has a high-low module to allow the adjustment of temperature to suit the occupants. A Defender seat heater can have single or double-seater pads.