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Laptop Power Adapters/Chargers for Dell XPS

Smartly Charge Your Battery with a Dell XPS 13 Charger

Your laptop is useless without power, so a lost or damaged charging cable can equal calamity. To make sure you’re never stuck with a dead device, choose from the selection of new and used Dell XPS 13 battery chargers on eBay.

Can a Dell XPS 13 charger be used with any laptop?

XPS 13 chargers are designed to be used specifically with Dell XPS laptop models. It is important to only use the charger with the laptop model that it was intended for as using the charger with other laptop models can cause damage. You can find more information on charger compatibility from the manufacturers website.

How long does a Dell XPS 13 charger take to charge a laptop?

Dell XPS 13 chargers designed to be fast, so can fully charge a typical laptop battery in under two hours. Dell XPS 13 chargers also feature smart technology. This protects laptop batteries and extends the lifespan, allowing users to use the battery for more charge/discharge cycles.

Which connector type does a Dell XPS 13 charger use?

The chargers are equipped with USB-C connectors. These USB-C or “Thunderbolt” connectors offer durability, offering numerous plug-in, plug-out opportunities before wear and tear takes its inevitable toll. USB-C connectors also allow the computer to use a single port for multiple purposes, leading to space saving designs and increased functionality.

Can a Dell XPS 13 Charger be used in other countries?

Yes, Dell XPS 13 chargers are compatible with both European and American power systems. The charger automatically regulates the voltage it supplies and can be used with 110 and 240 Volt electrical supplies. The charger uses an interchangeable power cord which can be adapted as needed to suit particular electrical outlets. This feature makes it quite easy to travel with your computer since it doesn’t force you to carry multiple adapters.

Which other interesting features can be found in the Dell XPS 13 battery charger?

Dell XPS 13 battery chargers have a few notable features, including:

  • Power Bank: The battery charger features a built-in power bank that allows users to charge devices while on the go.
  • Cable Management: The charger has a built-in cable management system that makes travelling easier and protects the charger cable from undue strain.
  • Compact: The charger has a small footprint, so takes up very little space when packed in a laptop bag or carry-on.
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