Laptop Power Adapters and Chargers for Lenovo

Laptop Power Adapters and Chargers for Lenovo

Broken or faulty laptop chargers and adapters can be really annoying, especially when you need to use your laptop on the go. Laptop chargers are often subject to a lot of wear and tear over the years and laptop power adapters and chargers for Lenovo provide a reliable purchasing option.

Laptop chargers and adapters for Lenovo laptops are available in three types: AC and DC, AC/Standard or DC/in-car so check what best serves your needs to narrow down your search.

Genuine chargers and adapters for Lenovo are generally highly regarded for their durability and quality. Essentially, when you replace your adapter or charger, what you want is something well made, that doesnt overheat and neither overcharges or undercharges.

A good example of a replacement power adapter and charger for Lenovo should roughly follow certain specifications. 20 Volts, 4.5Amp and 90 watts AC power or something along these lines will work for the following models: T60, T60p, T61, T61p, X60, X60s, X61, X61s, R60, R60e, R61, R61i, Z60 ,Z60m, Z60t and several others.

Many adapters and chargers for Lenovo are easily portable with a slimline design. The ThinkPad 65w AC adapter is compatible with post 2013 Lenovo notebooks with the rectangular slim tip common power plug. Look for Energy Star V (ES 2.0) technology to ensure efficient use of power and also remember to check carefully the type of plug-in you have for your Lenovo laptop, as some of the products are compatible with Lenovo notebooks from 2013 onwards. However, if your laptop is an older one, the legacy system with the round power plug will not be compatible.

Finally, beware of other generic adapters as their voltages and amps could well vary and may damage the device. Its better to pay a little bit more at a very modest price for the genuine Lenovo part.