Large Format Printers

Large format printers

When a standard computer printer no longer meets the demands of your business, a large format printer, also known as a wide format printer, may be just the thing you need. On eBay, youll find a wide range of computer printers, scanners and supplies to suit your company or place of work. 

What are large format printers?

Capable of handling print rolls with a considerably increased width of between 18 and 100 inches, large format printers open up a whole new world of potential when it comes to printing options. From posters and banners to wallpaper and murals, or even architectural drawings and construction plans, theyre perfect for creating large-scale signage, graphics, documents and artwork. 

Types of large format printers

Most of the major technology and printing brands offer large format printers, resulting in plenty of choices. There are models from well-known names like Epson, HP and Canon, as well as smaller but equally well-respected brands like OKI and Oce. 

Depending on how much you need your printed materials to stand out, you can choose from common and recognisable paper sizes ranging from A5 up to A0. Different connectivity types are also available. Select from wired options with USB ports or alternatively opt for wireless or Bluetooth connectivity based on your network requirements. 

The large format printers available also feature a variety of technologies, including older, well-established methods as well as more up-to-date printing types. Most common is the inkjet printer, which works by propelling minute droplets of ink onto paper, however, dot matrix, laser and its similar sibling LED are all choices too. Another technology option is thermal, which works by selectively heating specially coated thermal paper. 

As with most electronic products, you can shop a range of different product conditions to suit your needs and budget. As well as brand new large format printers, nearly-new models are on offer as well as refurbished models and individual parts for those with the skills to modify or rebuild.