Personalise Any Room Using Decorative Large Wall Letters

Decorative letters to hang on a wall can be a simple, fun way to customise any room in your house or flat. You can explore eBay to find large wall letters in different styles, shapes, or colours to mix together or to suit any need. Here is a guide to the main features of wall art letters.

What special features come with big letters for decoration?

Many of the wall art letters that you find for sale on eBay can include extra features that give them a bit of a whimsical nature. Here are a few of the common features you should find during your search for inexpensive large wall letters:

  • LEDs - Some wall art letters have LED lights surrounding their frames that you can turn on or off as you wish. You may be able to set the LEDs on some wall letters to blink intermittently or change colours.
  • Luminous - If you want wall letters that will glow at night instead of lighting up with diodes, you can get some decorations that include a luminous effect. These big letters often use solar power to charge during the day.
  • Adhesive - If you're not planning to move the large wall letters, you can get some with adhesive backing for easy installation.
How do you mount large wall letters for decoration?

There are a few main ways you can mount big letters to your walls. Many of the new and pre-owned large wall letters you can find on eBay already come with brackets that allow you to hang them on the walls with relative ease. Using this method, you can move the letters around as necessary to create different designs, or you can put them in another room altogether. In addition to mounted big letters, you can also get some models that are freestanding. These kinds of large wall letters might be good playthings for children who like to experience bright colours and interesting textures while learning to spell.

Getting unique shapes for your wall letters

Standard shapes for large wall letters are common on eBay, but you can also get a series of unique shapes for them at inexpensive prices. Hearts, arrows, and letters in square or round frames are just a few of the options you will come across during your search. You can also find 3D wall letters that have raised surfaces and textures similar to wood or metal.