Laser sailing dinghies and boats for seaside fun

Get out on the water with a Laser sailing dinghy or boat from this great range. Laser sailing boats are a great option for a sailing duo, but are also amazing if you like to go it alone and sail solo, as they're just the right size for a crew of one or two people. 

Laser dinghy specifications

If you love to sail but don't live by the sea, don't worry, as a Laser dinghy has just the right dimensions to fit onto the roof of your car for easy transportation. With a length of 4.19 metres, a waterline length of 3.81 metres and weighing 56.7 kilograms, a Laser class boat is manageable even for a single user. 

If you'd rather tow your Laser boat to the shore, you might come across a suitable boat trailer that can be attached to the back of your car, meaning even those with smaller cars can enjoy the benefits of sailing. 

Racing a Laser dinghy

Another perk of a Laser sailing boat is the speed. If you're a keen racer or you're just looking for something that can pick up a bit of speed, a Laser sailing boat is a fantastic choice. Often seen in professional races such as the Olympic Games, these dinghies can reach impressive speeds when raced downwind from wave to wave. 

Laser models

Although most Laser sailing dinghies and boats are of a standard size, there are a few different models available. Perfect for teaching the kids how to sail, a Laser Pico is great for training and manageable enough to be crewed by two children. 

For a double-handed Laser sailing boat, try a Laser 2 model. Commonly used in university sailing events, these dinghies are as speedy as the Laser Standard but with an added jib, symmetric spinnaker and a trapeze.