Use Peg Bags to Make Laundry Day Easy

Peg bags are used for storing clothes pegs for your washing line. They are small, easily portable bags where you can keep your pegs together in one place, either to hang on your line while pegging out washing or to store in the kitchen between wash days. eBay offers a variety of peg bags to suit all budgets.

Peg bag options available on eBay

There is a wide range of clothes peg bags on the market. This includes handmade peg bags, novelty bags in the shape of animals, or bags patterned with designs from recognisable brands. Sizes of peg bags range from quite small to very large to cater for the amount of clothes pegs that might be needed for almost any washing line. Some peg bags are sold complete with a set of clothes pegs in the package, while others might be supplied empty for you to add your own.

What types of materials are peg bags available in?

Some materials used to make peg bags include:

  • Oil cloth: This might be in brightly coloured or vintage style designs.
  • Polyester: These are generally built for practicality and durability.
  • Waterproof fabric: For peg bags that will be left hanging outside on the line.
  • Plastic: Some clothes peg holders are in the form of baskets and might be made from plastic or metal.
  • Cotton: Machine washable and light, cotton peg bags are simply sewn and have a basic construction.
Are peg bags durable?

The answer depends on certain factors. Think about how you are going to use your clothes peg bag, particularly if you will be leaving your peg bag outside in all weathers. In this case, you should look for something durable and waterproof to prevent corrosion to your pegs, particularly if they have a metal component or are wooden. Plastic pegs can also be damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun, so a bag with a top that closes would be suitable.

Why choose a peg bag with shoulder straps, hooks, or hangers

If you are more likely to be taking the pegs indoors between uses, then a peg bag with a shoulder strap might be more convenient. Some peg bags are designed with hangers, which will grip a clothing line or hook over the top. Others are more like small shoulder bags which can be worn across the body while you are hanging out your washing. These peg bags keep your hands free so you can reach for a peg easily when you need one.