Zoom up the Engine on Your Vintage Laverda Motorcycle or Scooter

New Laverda motorcycles were sold between 1950 and 2000. If you are interested in vintage motorcycle racing, then you may find Laverda motorcycles on eBay. Alternatively, you may find a more powerful Laverda for sale that's designed for the open highway.

Are any small-engine Laverda motorcycles available?

Yes, this company built several small-engine motorcycles starting with their first bike, called the Laverda 75. When you are looking at this motorcycle, it has a 7.5-horsepower engine, and it is chain driven. This bike cab use its three gears to reach speeds up to 70 killometres per hour. It has a cast-aluminium alloy shell. When shopping for Laverda motorcycles on eBay, you may also see the Laverda 125cc motorcycles for sale from model years 1975 to 1989. The last generation of these Italian motorcycles features a five-speed manual transmission. This bike has disc brakes on the front and single drum brakes on the rear. You may also be able to find the 125 GS Lesmo from 1983 to 1987. These bikes feature a two-stroke engine and a six-speed manual transmission.

Can you find Laverda 750 bikes?

Yes, Laverda motorcycles for sale can have 750-cubic-centimetre engines. You may want one of these to ride around town or on the open highway. You may find this size of Laverda for sale in the UK from production years 1970 to 2003. Many of those bikes, including the first one, were Laverda S models. The early S models, SF models, and SF1 models were minimalistic bikes similar to American café racer bikes. If you are interested in a vintage 750-cubic-centimetre racing motorcycle, consider the Laverda 750 SFC that features twin engines, a five-speed manual transmission, and twin disc brakes on the front. If you are looking for a vintage chrome-embellished bike, search for a Laverda 750 gtl for sale. You can also find many other 750cc Laverda motorcycles for sale, including the Carenata, Café Racer, Diamante, Ghost Strike, and Black Strike.

Laverda 1000-cubic-centimetre and above motorcycles

If you love riding a powerful vintage motorcycle, then you should consider the Laverda 1000-cubic-centimetre bikes for sale. One example that you may see is the Laverda Jota 1000 for sale.This may have a 123-watt Bosch alternator, a 140-watt Bosch alternator, or a 260-watt Nippon Denso alternator. Early Laverda Jotas for sale had the ignition on the right side, but after this bike became electronic, the ignition was moved to the left side.