Lawn Bowls

Lawn Bowls

When choosing a set of lawn bowls, you need to take into account the type of green you are going to be playing on as this will determine your choice of ball and the weight/bias. Here on eBay, you can find lawn bowls from a range of leading brands, including Aero, Drakes Pride and Henselite.

Types of Lawn Bowls

A lot of players prefer to have gripped bowls with a medium weight as these bowls are a good starting point. Available in a range of different colours, including red, blue and green. Black bowls are often the most popular.

Lawn bowls come in a huge range of sizes, all suited to different types of players. A general rule of thumb is that ladies tend to buy sizes that are between 00-3 and men often go with sizes that are between 3-6. Popular sizes range from 1 to 4. The weight of a lawn bowl is around 2lbs, however, it is possible to buy them closer to 3lb.

Lawn bowls fall into one of two weight classes: medium or heavy weight, with some manufacturers having extra heavy options. The weight is usually displayed on the side of the bowl, with 2H meaning a size 2 ball in the heavy weight class, and a 4M is a size 4 bowl in the medium class.

When considering the difference in weight, you need to take note that smaller bowls will be easily moved by a heavier, larger bowl and that heavier bowls will also stand their ground more when knocked. It is, however, harder for you to position a heavier bowl because of the drag and the sheer weight slowing down the speed.

Aero Optima bowls with a gold grim reaper logo are available in a 3.5. For more experienced players, a Drakes Pride professional lawn bowls set with 4.5M bowls are available. Smaller Thomas Taylor Vector size 2 balls are available second hand, perfect for those just getting into the sport.