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A Guide to Buying Lawn Grass Seed

Having a lush, beautiful garden starts with the right grass. When you get bare patches in your lawn, it can make your garden look unsightly. Grass seed in the UK can be used to fill the bare spots and thicken your lawn overall. Choosing from the large variety of grass seed for sale on eBay can be simple to do.

How much grass seed should you buy?

Determining how much lawn seed you need to buy depends on how much ground you need to cover. Look closely at the details about the lawn seed in the UK available. Each kilogramme of grass seed is designed to cover a specific amount of square metres of ground. It often takes 2.75 kilogrammes of Kentucky bluegrass seed to cover 92 square metres of garden. Measure the width and length of your garden. Multiply the width by the length to figure out the how large your garden is in in square metres. This will let you know how much bulk grass seed you need to buy.

Types of grass seed

When you purchase grass seed to use in your garden, you need to make sure you select seed that matches the kind of grass already growing in your garden so that it creates a seamless look. Some of the common types of grass seed you will find include:

  • Bermuda grass seed – This type of grass is commonly found in areas that have ample rainfall and maintain consistent temperatures throughout the year. Bermuda grass is dark green and grows very densely so that it can be trimmed to a very low mowing height to create a lush lawn.
  • Dichondra – This type of grass often grows in areas that get ample sunlight and low amounts of rain. It grows very densely and creates the look and feel of turf but can be maintained the same way that traditional grass is maintained.
  • Kentucky Bluegrass – This grass is commonly found in cooler climates. It has a dark green colour and requires ample sunlight in order to thrive. It is viewed as a hardy type of grass seed because it is so thick and lush to stand up to ample traffic.
  • Ryegrass – Common in areas where the temperatures remain cooler throughout the year, it is often added to grass seed mixtures that contain Kentucky bluegrass so that it can germinate and spread to fill bare spots in a lawn.
When are grass seed blends right for a garden?

Grass seed blends are ideal for use in gardens that have slopes or bare spots that are difficult to fill. Each type of grass seed has a unique root system. Some germinate quicker than others and start to form root systems that can break down hard soil to make it easier for other grass seeds to germinate later on down the road. Using a lawn seed blend betters your chances of having some form of grass grow in the barren or difficult areas of your garden.

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