Lawn Sprinklers

It's important to regularly tend and water your lawn in order for it to grow healthily. How often you water your lawn will vary depending on where your garden's located and the type of grass you have.

Lawn sprinklers provide an efficient way of watering your garden and can save more time and water than using a hose. They provide consistent coverage and can ensure water is absorbed through the topsoil and down to the root of the grass.

There are thousands of lawn sprinklers to choose from, each with a range of spray patterns and settings. Browse sprinklers from leading brands including Kingfisher, Hunter, Rain Bird, GARDENA, Raindrip, Hozelock, Gilmour, Orbit and Melnor.

Oscillating Sprinkler

This type of sprinkler is one of the most popular. It sprays in a fan shape and swings back and forth to cover a rectangular area. Many oscillating sprinklers will come with a range of nozzle sizes and jet settings which will determine the flow of the water and how large an area it can cover. Typical ranges measure anywhere from 15 square metres to 336 square metres.

Pop-up Spray Head

Due to its fixed position, this type of lawn sprinkler is better suited to small and medium-sized lawns than bigger gardens. There are two types of pop-up spray head, stationary sprays and rotating heads. Whichever you choose you'll find plastic and brass nozzles in a range of sizes and designs that will denote a specific spray pattern such as a full arc or half circle. Pop-up spray heads can measure anywhere from 2-20 inches and have a coverage area of up to 30 feet.

Sprinkler System

There are typically two types of sprinkler system. One uses a pump to distribute water through a series of pipes that have sprinklers spaced out at regular intervals, while the other is attached to a standard hose and has a series of rotating nozzles that provide 360-degree coverage. Whichever type of sprinkler system you'd prefer, you'll find a range of sets, pipes and nozzles to choose from.