Enjoy Traditional Tracht with Leather Lederhosen

Originally worn for hard, physical labour, the traditional Lederhose has become something of a specialist item of clothing. Must-have attire for any Oktoberfest visitor, Lederhose come in all shapes and forms, ideal for men and boys. eBay is a great place to locate authentic leather Lederhosen.

How are Lederhosen worn?

The Lederhosen form a part of what is traditional Alpine Tracht. Having been developed from their original use, Lederhosen are now much more a fashion item than a practical one. As such, it's possible to find these leather trousers in an array of colours. More traditional trousers will come in more natural, leather or suede colours and often feature embroidery. Visitors to the Oktoberfest in Bavaria should pair their Lederhose with a clean shirt - either plain or with a paisley-like pattern. The Lederhose should also be worn with thick, knee-length socks and traditional Bavarian clogs. It's important that the Lederhose fit snugly, as they're meant to emphasise the figure. They shouldn't be so tight, however, that they're uncomfortable. Most items are well fitted with a number of buttons, making it easy to adjust the tightness.

What makes leather Lederhosen special?

These trousers had always traditionally been designed and crafted for endurance. In fact, men have been known to hand their Lederhose down to the next generation. Lederhose come in various lengths; either as shorts, knee-length or shin-length trousers. Wearers of the longer Lederhose are expected to tuck these into their socks. These trousers traditionally feature intricate embroidery on the 'fly' area of the trousers and are coupled with suspenders, which are also often embroidered.

How should the Lederhose be cleaned?

To ensure these trousers' longevity, a careful cleaning and maintenance regime is required. Well cared for, these trousers should last many years, and numerous Oktoberfest visits.

  • Dirt and dust: This can simply be brushed from the trousers. No further cleaning necessary.
  • Stains: This depends on the kind of leather the Lederhose are made from and their colour. If the leather is smooth or dark in colour, a damp cloth can be used to clean out most stains.
  • Mud and dirt: It's advisable to let any wet, muddy patches first dry out. Then just brush away the dry dirt with a leather brush.
  • General care: Make sure the Lederhose are well aired-out after wearing them, and before putting them away. Using an impregnation spray from time to time will help maintain the quality of the leather. If the trousers should be washed, it is wise to get this done by a professional cleaner.