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Leica M Digital Cameras

Leica is a European camera company that has been in operation since the start of the twentieth century. Known for their compact design and easy-to-use system, Leica M digital cameras are something of a favourite amongst photographers. Whether you're familiar with Leica already or are just getting to know the brand, the M series offers something for everyone.

Models available

Within Leica's M range of digital cameras there are several subdivisions. The main options are the M, the M-A and the M-P.

The Leica M digital camera combines classic Leica design and heritage with the benefits of modern digital photography. This camera is also capable of capturing video for those moments when a photograph just won't do. The M can change lenses too, which is advantageous if you like to change your shooting options.

The Leica M-A (type 127) is an analogue camera that is mechanical as opposed to digital. Leica's M-P (type 240) is essentially a step up from the M range in that it is faster and more carefully designed. The M-P has a screen on the back whereas the M-A does not. If you're used to modern digital cameras which feature a screen as standard, you may prefer the M-P.

Body only

If you've already got a whole host of lenses to use with your Leica M camera, you can find cameras on offer which include the Leica M body only . This is helpful as you can be sure you won't end up buying duplicate Leica camera lenses as part of a bundle deal. Starting with the body only lets you customise your camera equipment so you only choose the lenses you are most interested in.

Ease of use

If you've not used a Leica camera before and you're worried about getting good results, you may be interested in Leica M digital cameras with histogram displays. Histograms provide the photographer with information about how well the image is exposed. The benefit of having one of these on screen is that you know as you are shooting if the image is over or underexposed and can make adjustments accordingly.

Another useful feature of the Leica M digital camera range is the auto power save feature. The last thing you need when taking photographs is to accidentally leave the camera on and find that the battery has died. The auto power save function prevents this.

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