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Leica Rangefinder Camera

If you are looking for a classic look camera to add to your collection, it doesn't get much better than a Leica Rangefinder camera. With a sleek aesthetic and the ability to create striking photographs, these cameras will bring out the true creative in you. There are a variety of different cameras available which will make it easy to pick the perfect one for you.

There are many different models available, each with slick metal and leather casing making them both functional and extremely stylish. They use 35mm film and have a range of different shutter speeds; the Leica M6 for example boasts a shutter speed of up to 1/1000.

These rangefinder cameras are designed to be quiet and compact, so whether you are taking a portrait or getting close to wildlife, they will be an unobtrusive addition. They also have intuitive controls and are simple to use with no over complicated functions or menus to distract you from your photography.

The M6 Classic features a sync speed of 1/50 second which means you will always have the correct flash timing, even if you're shooting in the day. This camera also has manual and bulb exposure modes so you can customise your camera to shoot in a variety of different light conditions. The M7 camera has an aperture priority mode with an exposure lock through the shutter release which will allow you to focus on minute details.

Some of the cameras include leather cases designed to protect it from accidental damage. Some cameras also include leather camera straps to carry your camera safely and securely around your neck, keeping it close to hand to capture memorable moments.

Some of the cameras include Leica camera lenses . These lenses are designed to give the highest performance when it comes to contrast, resolution, structure and tonal depth.

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