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Lenovo Laptop Replacement Keyboards

Lenovo has laptop replacement keyboards for a wide range of budgets. Their keyboards are known for their reliability, design and ease of use. Lenovo ThinkPads in particular have a longstanding reputation for their durability, comfort and precision.

A good keyboard can make the difference between frustration and efficiency, especially when gaming. The quality and functionality of the keyboard also drives productivity if most of the work you do is text oriented. Lenovo laptop replacement keyboards are a good fit when upgrading or repairing your Lenovo laptop in the case of a damaged keyboard, missing keys or simply upgrading a well used keyboard due to wear and tear. The move towards ultra-slim machines, where a traditional keyboard is too bulky, has led to a decline in overall keyboard quality, while the trend toward cheaper laptops means that companies no longer have the incentive to offer high quality keyboards.

Most laptops now use membrane keyboards where the keys are just pressure pads. disadvantages are that they provide little tactile feedback. However, Lenovo developed its own new keyboard, which first appeared in the cheaper ThinkPad Edge range and the ultraportable X100e in 2010. Industry experts regard this keyboard as being the closest modern equivalent to an old fashioned tapered keyboard.

Lenovo laptop keyboards are comfortable to type on with precise action in the keys and positive feedback on each key press. Each key gives off a soft click when pressed, which makes it louder than the average notebook keyboard. Flatter keys with a slight inward slope create a crevice for the user's fingertips, which allows a more fluid, spacious and comfortable typing experience when compared to standard keyset designs. The end result is a keyboard that is not only extremely comfortable to use but makes the user less prone to make mistakes.

Lenovo laptop replacement keyboards feature LED backlighting with a dual brightness setting and as with almost all ThinkPads, there is a standard touchpad and a classic red TrackPoint in the middle of the keyboard, which users generally find offers much more precision than the gesture enabled touchpad located beneath the keyboard.

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