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Lenovo PC Laptops and Netbooks

Lenovo Laptops and Netbooks

Lenovo is a brand that has become more popular in recent years. They have a reputation for quality and value that means youll almost certainly be able to find the right personal computer for your needs among the wide range of Lenovo laptops and netbooks.

The difference between a laptop and a netbook

Essentially, a laptop will have more onboard memory, so you can load up all your software and store your files on the laptop itself. A netbook is designed to have a minimal amount of memory for storage, allowing you to access the internet and store your files in the cloud. These netbooks essentially combine a laptop and a Lenovo tablet .

Laptops will be heavier and include more functionality. Netbooks will be lighter and have a minimum of in built functionality, though they are still perfectly capable of performing all the tasks required from a modern day computer.

Types of Lenovo laptops and netbooks

Screen size is one of the key differences between different laptops and netbooks. Larger screens of 15.6 inches or more are aimed at people who may want to use their computer for work, or as a substitute for a Lenovo desktop computer .

Smaller screen sizes like 11.6 or 12.5 inches, are designed to have more portability. These computers may also be whats known as 2 in 1 varieties, with a detachable touch enabled screen that acts like a tablet computer.

Processor speed and RAM memory are key performance indicators for laptops and netbooks , with a range of options from 2GB of RAM up to 8GB and processing speeds ranging from 2GHz upwards. The more RAM and the higher the processor speed, the faster the computer will be. They will also be more suitable for multiple purposes, such as gaming or performing several tasks at once.