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Lens Adapter for Samsung NX

Currently Samsung NX users have a choice of about 16 lenses, but with a lens adapter for Samsung NX you can use different makes and models of lenses, providing you with a wider choice of lenses to choose from.

How does a lens adapter work?

Cameras with interchangeable lenses have mounts on the body of the camera. These have treads that hold the lens. Each manufacturer designs their mount so that the threads can only fit lenses they have manufactured. So, for example, Nikon, Canon or Leica lenses can only be used on Nikon, Canon or Leica cameras .

Lens adapters allow you to use lenses made by different manufacturers on your camera.

Lens adapters are small rings with a different thread at each end. They attach to the body of your camera as they have the same thread as the Samsung NX at one end, however at the other end they have the thread of a lens that normally wouldn't be compatible with your camera, such one made by Pentax, Olympus or Sony.

The pros and cons of using a lens adapter

One of the downsides of using a lens adapter is that the adapted lens won't communicate with your camera in the same way as a purpose built lens for a Samsung NX would. This means that all your auto features - auto focus, auto aperture - no longer work, so you'll have to do these manually.

This may be a problem if you're planning on taking action shots, or don't enjoy manual photography, but if you're taking pictures of buildings or scenery it's less likely to be a problem.

If you've recently switched from a different make of camera to the Samsung NX then a lens adapter will allow you to continue using your old lenses with your new setup. This is especially good if you have lenses that are harder to source for the Samsung NX, such as 200mm + telephoto lenses or a premium wide-angle lens.

You can also use adapters to fit older lenses to your camera. Compared to buying a new Samsung NX lens, the cost savings of buying an older, second hand manual lens is another factor worth considering.

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