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Lensbaby Camera Lenses

Photographers who take risks and try different visual effects are usually rewarded with more exciting and vibrant shots. Lensbaby camera lenses are all about helping you to play and experiment with a digital camera . Whether you want to experience the original Lensbaby 'sweet spot' effect or invest in the contemporary Optic Swap System, Lensbaby lenses offer high quality photographic equipment with a sense of fun.

High tech functioning

There are several Lensbaby camera lenses, each with slightly different features and benefits. Earlier lenses, such as the Original Lensbaby and Lensbaby 2.0, focused on delivering the Lensbaby 'sweet spot'. This is a visual effect where the photographic subject is viewed in crisp focus but surrounded by a subtle blur to make them really stand out. Later models have stayed true to this initial concept but added additional features. These include the ability to lock a flexible lens body in place or a swivel ball and socket design for easy lens movement.

Lensbaby's most recent products feature an Optic Swap System. This allows you to drop interchangeable optics into your Lensbaby lens body. Each of the 8 optics gives you a different creative effect from soft focus to fisheye. What better way to easily experiment with photographic effects? And there's no need to buy several different camera lenses so it's budget friendly too!

The Lensbaby story

The Lensbaby brand was born in 2004 when American professional photographer Craig Strong launched the first Lensbaby lens. His innovative lens design was inspired by attaching an old Speed Graphic lens to a short Shop-Vac hose to achieve exciting new SLR shooting options. This was how they developed their signature 'sweet spot' effect. Thus the Lensbaby was born.

The brand has now designed and manufactured a range of lenses that allow photographers to play around with creative effects and optic features, including the Lensbaby fisheye camera lens and the Lensbaby SLR camera lens. With so many options and effects to choose from, they have become a real favourite among the inventive photography community.

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