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Store and Protect All Your Media With a CD Case

While many people have left physical media behind in favour of downloads, those who still prefer to use CDs know that keeping a steady stock of CD cases is an essential part of curating a music collection. Check out the excellent selection and prices available for CD cases on eBay and you'll never run low on these important items again.

Why should someone use a CD case?

While you always have the option of keeping your CDs loose, doing so exposes them to the risk of potential damage. A CD case isolates each disc and reduces the chances that it will be harmed by most things in its immediate environment, thereby prolonging its life. You can also use these cases to store DVD and Blu-Ray movies or video games, so they can be useful to you even if you don't have an extensive music collection. Using a CD case:

  • Enables easier storage through stacking or shelving.
  • Facilitates transportation.
  • Allows for better labelling and organisation.
  • Allows you to keep extra materials like lyric sheets or notes together with the relevant disc.
How much protection does a CD case offer?

The main purpose of a CD case is to keep its contents safe from the scuffs and scratches it would otherwise suffer through normal handling and keep dust off its surface. It can also shield against some light impacts like a short fall or some shuffling and friction from being held in a bag with other items. If you would prefer a case that is more durable, something like a cloth CD storage binder might be a better fit for you; however, the standard thin plastic CD case will be more than sufficient to meet most people's needs.

How many CD cases can be purchased at one time?

CD cases typically come bundled in packages including multiple units, but the exact size of these packages varies drastically. Some include just a handful of cases while others include hundreds. This massive size range can make it difficult to find the package options you're looking for if you're restricted to what you'd find on the shelf of your local store. You can find CD case lots of all sizes on eBay (even single cases if you want them), providing a convenient solution to this problem.

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