Choosing the Right Levi Jeans for Your Body Type

The Levi jeans collection has evolved beyond its classic origins as a 501 bootleg and classic cut. Super skinny jeans give petite bodies the tight fit they deserve, and there are also high-waisted, shaping, and relaxed fits for every shape. Mens Levi jeans taper, flare, and slim a hundred body types.

How do you choose the right fit for your shape?

The right Levi jeans womens and mens cuts will accentuate your bodys best features.

  • Levi 501 jeans have a low waist and straight legs to lengthen short bodies and balance curves.
  • Levi 511 jeans are unforgiving, suiting slim shapes and long legs.
  • Tapered legs and loose fits suit tall, slim shapes.
  • High waists with slim thighs and loose calves are slimming and lengthening.
  • Mens jeans with straight legs and a low waist are perfect for stocky bodies.
  • Tall, slim people can shorten their stature with low rise jeans and bootlegs.
  • Levi has four 512 cuts that slim the body, with front and back rise offerings to add comfort.
  • Levis 513 skinny leg jeans are ideal if you like to show off your boots.
Where can you buy jean jackets?

If youre wondering, "Where can I buy jean jackets?" Levis has a collection for men and women right on eBay. Youll find truckers jackets and fishtail parkas for wintry weather. If you prefer a laid-back look, coachs jackets will suit your style better. The brands womens black denim jacket sale includes cropped and puffer jackets. When it comes to their denim jacket sale, women who hate the chill of winter will love Levis quilted jackets. If youre looking for a designer denim jacket, ladies collections also feature Geri and Moto cuts. For a look that transitions from day to night, choose a long black denim jacket. Alternatively, a womens black blazer with jeans is perfect for the office.

How do you assess the quality of denim?

Denim was first designed as workwear that was tough enough to endure years of abuse, but many of todays jeans wont last the season. Quality jeans for men and women will have authentic rivets, double stitching, and real pockets. While jeans are traditionally made of 100% cotton, a touch of stretch will add to their comfort. To check if the dye will last, rub a piece of white paper over the fabric. If colour transfers, your jeans have an overdye and will fade within a few washes.

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