Levi's Vintage Jeans

Look Cool and Confident in Vintage Levi Jeans

Theres little cooler than strolling into a party in a pair of vintage Levi jeans. Whether its a pair of classic 501s or one of the companys many other styles, youll really look the part when you pick jeans that suit you. Take a look through eBay to discover a wide range of affordable, inexpensive jeans youll love to wear again and again.

How can you match jeans style to your body?

Some people find the instantly recognisable silhouette and button flies of 501s to be everything theyve ever wanted. Others prefer more of a slim fit and a zip fly, which you can find on 505s. If youre intending on rocking a 1970s look and want to feel like youve just stepped out of the disco, then a pair of bell-bottomed 646s may be for you. Even within lines, styles evolve: 501s from before the 1970s have a less fitted, more workwear-oriented appearance than their namesakes from later on.

How can you tell the age of a pair?

When youre comparing vintage Levi jeans, its handy to know how to spot the small changes that may have been applied to them over the years. Inside leg stitching didnt become a double line until well into the 1980s, while washing instruction labels arent present on pairs made before the 1970s. If theres a large enough photo, you can also take a close look at the red brand label by the back pocket. A large letter E in the brand name is likely to mean jeans made in the 1960s or earlier.

What other factors are important when choosing vintage Levi jeans?

Its really important to buy a pair that fits you perfectly, as jeans that rub or pinch are no fun. Youll also want to look good. With that in mind, consider:

  • Size labelling: 501s will have been sold shrink-to-fit, so remember theyll have shrunk - if you have a 28-inch waist youll want to look for jeans with a 30-inch label.
  • Fly style: You can choose between button and zip flies. Zips can be more convenient, but button flies can give your jeans a truly vintage appearance.
  • Panel style: With 501s, the back panel is cut wider than the front for a snug fit at the rear. With 505s, the panels are of equal width and appear more tailored.
  • Other clothes: Think about the jackets and shirts youre going to wear with your vintage Levi jeans. Darker shades of jeans usually suit lighter jackets.
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