Reduce Frustration with a Lightning Cable 2M

Connecting your iPhone to your USB-C Mac in seconds for quick charging is easy with a Lightning cable 2M, which lets you take advantage of fast-charging features on your iPad Pro or iPhone X. You can insert it from any direction and use it with an 87W USB-C power adapter when you want to charge an iOS device.

Can a Lightning cable 2m be used with your in-vehicle sound system?

Yes. A Lightning cable lets you play audio from an iOS device on your car stereo, and those on eBay are usually compatible with the iPhone 7 and all later iPhones. You can even use it to play music on a Bluetooth speaker that has 3.5-millimetre aux ports.

How can you select a good Lightning cable?

While looking for a good iPhone charging cable, check the vendor's description on eBay to see if it has the official MFi stamp. This way you will know the cable has licensed Apple technology, and is certified to function correctly when you plug in your device. Cables with the MFi label will sync without problems, so they last a while and you can be sure that the Lightning connector will fit snugly. Those that are not certified may be loose and not charge your device quickly. The Lightning connectors on some cables are permanently sealed, plus a one-piece housing is fused over all the electronics and protects the metal cabling. Some cables are made with tough 1000D nylon. This was developed for the military, to protect them from shrapnel and bullets. It is exceptionally heavyweight material and resists abrasions. Consider the following features whenever you are selecting a cable:

  • Premium braided cables are better able to withstand twisting, bending, and general wear.
  • Longer cables let you use your smartphone comfortably while it is plugged in.
  • The weakest spot on a Lightning cable is usually the plug. This area will be reinforced with a tinplate section or some other tough material in long-lasting cables.
Do Lightning cables work with any audio system?

Lightning connectors will carry audio and work with most music systems, and some on eBay are recommended specifically for playing audio without Bluetooth. They allow an iPhone to transmit sound to an old car stereo without Bluetooth, so people who use them will not need to upgrade their car stereo. They sometimes will not let you charge your device at the same time.

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