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Lights Casual Trainers Shoes for Girls

Children's trainers often have LED lights built into the soles that flash or pulse. Most have controls so the wearer can turn the lights on or off. Light-up trainers are battery powered, although you can't usually change the batteries. They last approximately 6 million steps. Others can be USB charged and should be supplied with a suitable charger.

Trainer materials and brands

Light up girls' trainers are made up of two main parts, the sole (at the bottom) and the upper (the top part). The soles are usually made of rubber or a synthetic, rubber-like material, which means they generally have excellent grip. This makes them ideal for playground use.

The uppers are made from a variety of materials, including leather, faux leather, canvas or breathable synthetic materials. Leather trainers are more hardwearing than those made with other materials, but they are also heavier. Canvas and synthetic trainers are available in a wider selection of colours, including printed ranges produced by popular brands such as Disney, Hello Kitty and Sketchers.


Traditionally trainers have laces, but they may not be the best option if your child hasn't learned to tie their laces yet. Pull-ons or trainers with velcro straps are increasingly popular. Velcro straps are particularly good as they allow you to loosen or tighten the trainer as necessary. They are also easier for younger children to take off and put on.

International shoe sizes

Girls' shoes and trainers come in a variety of sizes and widths. In the UK children's shoes start with toddlers' sizes (size zero) and continue up to size 13. They then increase in size from size one again. Shoe sizes vary around the world. In Europe a size 21 is equivalent to a size 13, and in the USA it's size 5.5. Always check which region's measurements are being quoted before you buy.

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