Finding the Right Lightweight Wheelchair

These wheelchairs give users an incredible amount of support without bulk. They are far more manoeuvrable, and their light weight makes them easy to transfer to and from a vehicle. On eBay, there are many new and used lightweight wheelchairs you can choose from.

What types of light wheelchairs can you find on eBay?

eBay carries an extensive variety of lightweight wheelchairs. A few of them include:

  • Manual wheelchair - This type of wheelchair is used without the assistance of a battery. The user basically pushes, turns, and reverses it on their own.
  • Power wheelchair - This chair is operated by a battery pack and gives the user a great deal of mobility. The person can move about both inside and out with ease because everything is controlled by a lever or push of a button.
  • Sport wheelchair - Sport chairs are used by athletes with spinal cord injuries. They are lightweight and allow the user to compete in different sports. They can be powered or manual.
  • Transport wheelchair - This lightweight chair makes it easy for caregivers to safely transport patients. They are ergonomically designed for comfort, and you can usually fold them down.
What are lightweight wheelchair frames made from?

If you are wheelchair-bound, choosing a frame is important. The lighter the frame's weight, the easier it is to manage the manual wheelchair. There are many wheelchairs on eBay with these frames and more:

  • Aluminium - These chairs have a frame that is much lighter than steel. This allows the user to manoeuvre the chair with ease.
  • Steel - A steel frame is generally heavy and is great if you want durability.
  • Titanium - Titanium frames are lightweight but sturdy. Users also have more support.
What features should you look for in a lightweight wheelchair?

Lightweight wheelchairs come in all styles and types. You can get manual chairs, power scooters, and more on eBay. Some of the features you should keep a lookout for include the following:

  • Type - Whether your get a manual or power wheelchair depends upon factors such as age, weight, and extent of your paralysis or disability.
  • Ergonomic - This type of wheelchair has added comfort with reclining capabilities, a lightweight frame, superior positioning, and the ability to be folded for storage.
  • Weight - Wheelchairs can vary greatly in weight, even among lightweight models. You will need to determine whether a heavier or lighter wheelchair is suitable for you.
  • Comfort - Make sure the wheelchair you choose has comfortable seating, sturdy arms, and neck rests.