Linn music playback equipment

Synonymous with high-quality music equipment, Linn is particularly well known for its turntables, speakers and amplifiers. New and vintage decks are popular again with the resurgence in vinyl collecting. Vinyl purists are often on the lookout for good quality integrated bases with the turntable and arm in good working order. 

Retro designs often feature a wooden walnut or dark wood stand or base, while for 1980s chic a black or silver base might be more appropriate. Retro CD players are ideal for collectors of CDs and vinyl, as CD and record players can sometimes be found in a matching set. 

Original turntables

Vintage 1970s and 1980s decks with original arms and stylus are desirable with music aficionados, although even machines that aren't in immaculate condition can be salvaged and restored with either original or compatible parts. Original covers sometimes suffer minor scratches, which although don't usually have an effect on the playback quality can ruin the look of the kit. Original speaker stands are also sought after for both their quality and to complete a music playback set up, ensuring that a Linn CD player or turntable sounds as clear and crisp as possible. 

Great vinyl payback quality

The condition of the turntable can have an impact on the quality of the music played. Any scratches or damage to the turntable can stop the records being level and cause skips or jumps. In a worst case scenario, a damaged set of decks could damage the records themselves, with any rough edges or dints marking the delicate vinyl. A loose or damaged arm or stylus could also cause playback issues, which is why it's so important to check their positioning and that they are fitted correctly before each use. Retrofitting new, technologically improved arms and parts to an older turntable is an easy way to improve sound quality without having to replace the whole unit.