Little Tikes Pre-School Toys

The variety of Little Tikes pre-school toys includes activity gyms, toy animals, cars and trucks, playhouses, bath toys, tricycles and many more. Little Tikes toys are designed to be durable and fun, encouraging very young children to play and stay active safely.

Playsets 3-4 years Little Tikes pre-school toys

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship is a Little Tikes outdoor toy, designed to keep children over the age of three active while nurturing their creativity. The pirate theme helps keep this Little Tikes playset engaging and fun, with a squirting water cannon and wave creating spinner. This set comes with two characters and a toy shark that squirts water.

Farm animals Little Tikes pre-school toys

For ages 12 months to three years, Little Tikes Handle Haulers Farm Truck is a farm vehicle with a friendly face that can be pushed around the floor. It comes with a toy pig and a toy cow and it has a ramp that can be lowered. It makes realistic farmyard sounds when buttons on the truck are pushed. This Little Tikes toy encourages children to play together.

The farm truck is part of the Handle Haulers range of Little Tikes vehicles that can all be fitted together. As for the babies, there is the Little Tikes Light 'n Go toy series, suitable for children between six months and three years of age. The Little Tikes babies toys use lights to encourage babies to start moving.

Little Tikes pre-school toy cars

There are many different types of Little Tikes cars and garages pre-school toys.

Little Tikes Big Car Carrier is a large plastic car hauler vehicle which includes two sports-style toy cars. Like many Little Tikes toys, the Little Tikes Big Car Carrier can be used indoors and outdoors.

The Touch 'n Go range of Little Tikes toy cars is designed for children of ages two to five years. This range of large chunky cars includes sports cars, police cars and racers, all of which have battery powered movement and make sound effects when certain buttons are pressed.