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Live Aquarium Corydoras Fishes

What are Corydoras Fish?

Corydoras fish (often shortened to ‘cory’) are a genus of freshwater catfish native to many slow-moving streams in South America and distributed throughout South America and the Atlantic Coast. 

They come in a broad range of body shape, size and colouration with over 160 recognised species within the Corydoras genus.

Species of Corydoras

Two of the most common species of Corydoras fish found in aquariumsare:

  • Bronze Corydoras (Corydoras aeneus) - an inexpensive species with an adult size of around 7cm for females and 6cm for males. The Bronze Cory has an average lifespan of around 10 years, is incredibly easy to breed and features a distinctive bronze ‘patch’ on its head
  • Sterba's Corydoras (Corydoras sterbai) - another popular species which can grow to adult size anywhere between 5cm-6.5cm. Sterba’s Corys have soared in popularity due to their distinctive and attractive markings. White spots on a black background are seen on the heads of this species

What are They Like?

  • Corydoras are generally timid and well-behaved in nature
  • They can measure anywhere from 25mm-120mm depending on the species, making them perfect for almost any size of tank
  • They are well-suited to tropical freshwater community aquariums
  • They are mostly bottom feeders, meaning they need to be fed sinking pelletsas well as supplements of fresh/frozen food

Why are they so popular?

They Corydoras genus is popular with many aquarium owners due to their nature. They’re great first-time fish and get on well with others, showing no signs of aggression towards other fish. 

They will often come to the top of the tank to ‘pop out their snout’, making them amusing to watch.

Looking after your Corydoras Fish

As bottom feeders, care should be taken to ensure your Corydoras are getting enough food. If flakes are used to feed your tank be wary of other fish getting the food before the Corydoras. It is recommended to use sinking pellets with additional supplements.

Corydoras should be kept in shoals of three or more, usually the bigger the shoal the better it is for the species.

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