Aquarium Live Plants

Live plants are great for making aquariums more attractive and have the added benefit of being better for the fish. They provide a natural food source with the ability to self-replenish.

Live plants produce oxygen and absorb the carbon dioxide and ammonia that the fish produce. They are ideal for creating a natural ecosystem, which promotes a healthy environment for the fish to live in.

Using Live Aquarium Plants

Freshwater aquarium plants can be used in a number of ways:

  • They can be used as a natural aquarium carpet
  • Live plants make great hiding places for the fish
  • They conceal unsightly aquarium fixtures
  • Live plants are great for balancing the aquarium environment

The Best Aquarium Plants for Beginners

  • Anubias Nana - This aquarium plant grows well from trimmings, so it is easily propagated in an aquarium. It is very hard to kill this plant and it is perfect for beginners 
  • Amazon Swords - These are hardy and tolerable, but most importantly, they are really easy to maintain. Regular trimming will help to keep it to a suitable size for your aquarium
  • Crypt Wendtii - This particular plant is fast growing and grows well in low light conditions. It is very tolerable and will survive in most water conditions
  • Java Ferns - These plants require very little maintenance and are easily kept alive. Java ferns will reach about 8 inches tall when they are fully grown
  • Micro Sword - A micro sword plant will never grow above 2 inches in height, creating a beautiful carpet for your aquarium. They grow exceptionally fast and will spread rapidly

Caring for Your Aquarium Plants

It is important to care for your plants, especially as they can have an effect on your fish.

Always prune your plants to prevent them from spreading throughout the aquarium. Tall plants in particular, must be pruned on a regular basis otherwise they will begin to bend over.