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Loake Formal Shoes for Men

Step Out in Style in a Pair of Loake Shoes

When youre on your feet all day, its really important to have a pair of shoes that fit perfectly. With so many options in the Loake shoes range available here on eBay, youll be sure to find the pair that feels like it was made for you. Whether new or used, you can find affordable shoes from Loake in a wide variety of styles and sizes

How can you choose between colours?

As traditional mens footwear, most pairs of Loake shoes are available in the classic colours of black and brown. Some styles are only available in black, which is generally considered to be the safe choice for a formal, office setting. Black shoes need to be kept spotless and shiny with polish since they can show even small scuffs more easily than brown ones. In more relaxed environments, brown can be an attractive colour to set off a slightly more casual ensemble. Suede shoes tend to be lighter brown than leather ones. If buying used shoes, check photos carefully to ensure that the sole remains thick and secure.

What styles can you consider?

Loake shoes are designed for a classic, ageless look that will be equally at home in the office or in a casual setting. Looking through the eBay listings youll be sure to find a style to suit you since the many options include:

  • Plain Tie: Sometimes referred to as Oxfords, this is a smart style that benefits from being highly polished. Laces are usually quite slim and discreet.
  • Brogues: Slightly less formal shoes, perfect for smart casual wear or for walking outdoors. They have low heels and thick leather uppers with edge serrations.
  • Boat Shoes: Comfortably wide and with rubber soles designed not to mark wooden surfaces, these are great for relaxing and are often worn with no socks.
  • Monk Shoes: An alternative formal shoe if youre not keen on laces. These shoes are fastened with a buckle and can come in either leather or suede.
How can you check that your Loake shoes are the right size?

Its very important that shoes fit you well, so pay careful attention to all the information in eBay listings about shoe size. Loake shoes use the standard UK sizing system and feature half-sizes, which can make it easier to find the ideal pair. Dont be tempted to compromise; if you have size 10 feet, then a size 11 may feel slippy and less secure, while a size 9 may pinch uncomfortably. If you have wide feet, you may want to choose a rounded or squared toe style rather than a pointed one.

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